The Battle is Real



        This is my word for the year and boy were they right when they said that the enemy was going to fight when I began this challenge. I guess it wouldn’t be a challenge if it was easy.
          I prayed for God to reveal one word He wanted me to have for my life this year and (Focus) was what was laid on my heart. I didn’t want some resolution that I would never follow, but something that would continue to draw me closer to God.  
            Each day there has been something God has revealed to me that needs my focus. This weekend it was focusing on patience with coworkers. This week it has been my trust in God, that He will see me through anything, no matter how big or small.
              Anyone who knows me knows that during a one on one conversation I cannot stay on topic, and if you were to watch me clean my house, you would run yourself ragged as you watch me bounce from one task to another always leaving one unfinished. I read multiple books at a time bc I can’t focus on just one. So try to imagine what is going on in my head and heart each day as I try to look to God and trust Him throughout my day and life. It’s a mess! Focus is not a strong point of mine and God, who created me, and knew me before I was even born, knows this! God is working but Satan is fighting.
          This has been a rough week but the Holy Spirit is in me and will make me an overcomer! The rest of this week I will keep my focus on Him and I am trusting Him to take care of our needs this week



   My One Word for 2016 is FOCUS. I need to focus on what is in front me. I need focus at work, with my home business, at church, in my marriage, taking care of our home, my friends, my Bible studies, my prayer life, etc. The list could go on and on.
        It’s time for me to focus, and I am asking for your help this year as God works with me on my focus.
         Happy New Year! If you took the One Word Challenge, I would be interested in what God has revealed to you. Let’s walk through this exciting opportunity together!

The One Word Challenge

       I discovered the One Word Challenge /devotional on the Bible app. I love that app! I have the Verse of the Day on my home screen and the ease of being able to have a Bible with me regardless of what I am doing and where I am at. I highly recommend the Bible app if you don’t already have it!
         I am starting this blog however because of one devotional I found on there. It is called the One Word Challenge. I don’t know about you, but I never make New Year Resolutions anymore. I can never keep up with them, and usually give up within the first month or so. I really have never even thought much about the New Year celebration. I usually just think of it as the clock changed, it’s a new day, a new year, and finally it’s time for bed! (Well that last part doesn’t really apply now that I work 3rd shift)
         This year has been different though. I am a huge fan of Easter! It’s the time of new life! The old is gone with winter but everywhere you look, flowers are blooming, trees are filling up with bright green leaves again, animals are giving birth, and most important of all it is the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He died and rose again so that we could have new life! It occurred to me that, that is what the New Year celebration is the beginning of! We are putting off this past year. I hope you have had a wonderful 2015, but now we are leaving it behind and it is becoming nothing but a memory and 2016 is a new start!
          I still did not see any point in setting a resolution. Now don’t get me wrong, goals are great. You should have goals, but most of the time our resolutions are made up of the same generic resolutions everyone else makes every single year. If you do not choose to do the One Word Challenge, I encourage you to spend time praying for God to give you a resolution just as you would for the challenge.  Let God guide you in what needs to change in your life for 2016.
        I am sure you are still wandering what the One Word Challenge is. This challenge is meant to draw you closer to God. You are to seek Him in prayer and in His Word and allow Him to reveal ONE word to you, for you to focus on the whole year. Tomorrow at midnight I will reveal my word to you, but not until then, so that I can continue to seek Him and His guidance. I urge you to wait also. This challenge is meant to be a simplified way of creating a resolution, God never meant for us to live cluttered unrestful lives, and just like explained in the challenge we see several times in scripture the phrase “one thing” God wants our focus. So for 2016 let’s allow Him to reveal what He needs us to focus on for us to be nearer to Him!
       Throughout the year, I will keep this blog so that I can share with you what God is doing with my one word and so that we can encourage each other a long way as we grow in Him! Happy New Year! I will see you at Midnight!